Energy Management

As part of our Green Initiatives Program, SSA will be providing services for energy management analysis and solutions that will save customers a minimum of 10% and a maximum of 40% in energy use in buildings.  SSA can do the auditing, data gathering, assessment, evaluation, financial analysis and make the recommendations necessary to realize these savings.

Measuring Technology - SSA uses sensors, various meters and a computerized system that includes specialized software.  After a financial analysis and a review of the recommendations with the customer’s agreement, implementation of energy saving measures can proceed using subcontractors.

Smart Buildings - The energy saving measures will help transform current buildings into smart buildings.  These buildings will have a system to monitor the use of energy.  These systems are accessible on-site and are also web-based.
Energy-Saving Technologies - The technologies help save money for the customer including LED for lighting, motion sensors, solar panels, fuel cell technology and other equipment.

Utilities Net-Metering Agreement - SSA can help establish a net-metering agreement with the local utilities company, where our customers sell energy to the utilities company during the day at high prices and buy at night at low prices.  For every month there is a positive balance of energy, the customer can use that positive balance the following month.

Tax Credits - There are tax credits for use of energy-saving methods at the federal level and rebates at state and city levels, which can amount up to a maximum of 80% of the cost of the energy-saving projects.  SSA can help our customers recover these project costs in a time frame of up to five years.

Financing Energy Saving Projects - SSA will explore the possibility of financing a customer's energy-saving project and the customer’s monthly payments could be less than or equal to the monthly energy bill they are paying now.  The customer would essentially be buying the system, as opposed to paying the utility company indefinitely with prices that increase yearly at a minimum rate increase of 6.5%.

Carbon Footprint Reduction - As part of the energy management service, SSA can offer an analysis of the CO2 or Carbon footprint reduction. 

SSA’s energy management includes an integrated system of LED lights, solar panels and monitoring technology for optimization and saving.  Fuel cell technology combined with solar panels could also be used where appropriate.  SSA’s Green Initiative strives to cut energy costs while helping the environment we live in.

The Earth is Good. Go Green!

Support Services of America is serious about the environment.  We have dedicated ourselves to researching, sourcing and using environmentally friendly products in our customers’ facilities as well as our own. There are plenty of natural products and methods available that will keep a facility clean and fresh smelling without any toxic side effects.

At SSA, our commitment to using products with a conscience fits in perfectly with our desire to have a positive impact on everything that surrounds us.
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