Commercial Property

SSA’s experience and superior performance in highly-specialized, rigorous industries includes demanding market niches such as the commercial property sector, where SSA is a top choice for providing clean, professional office environments.  SSA cleans and provides facilities maintenance and management for the following:
  • Classes A, B, and C office buildings at the local and metro levels for various select privately held property management firms.
  • Large building portfolios for major commercial property management firms on a regional and national basis.
  • Industrial properties and warehouse distribution centers
SSA’s depth of experience makes us a leader in the commercial property industry.
  • In light of recent economic pressures within the commercial property management market, we are dedicated to innovating new cost-efficiencies while maintaining high quality assurance standards.
  • In this environment, SSA has successfully provided top-tier janitorial services at compressed pricing levels to accommodate the new budget realities challenging the industry.

The Earth is Good. Go Green!

Support Services of America is serious about the environment.  We have dedicated ourselves to researching, sourcing and using environmentally friendly products in our customers’ facilities as well as our own. There are plenty of natural products and methods available that will keep a facility clean and fresh smelling without any toxic side effects.

At SSA, our commitment to using products with a conscience fits in perfectly with our desire to have a positive impact on everything that surrounds us.
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