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National presence with three regional offices throughout the nation to provide service to our clients.
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As our portfolio of services expanded, SSA began to distinguish itself as the security services provider of choice, developing a comprehensive range of specialized elite security services delivering innovative and quality solutions to our customers.  Today, SSA’s Security Services maintains a national presence with three regional offices across the U.S.

Our History
The 1990’s were a period during which SSA experienced tremendous growth.  With a clear mandate from senior management, the focus was on providing our clients with the highest quality managed outsourced services across a broad spectrum of industries.   SSA established its reputation as a company committed to customer satisfaction.

The Team
SSA has built a strong, cohesive team of security professionals committed to operating at the peak of their potential.  All of our security personnel are BSIS (Bureau of Security and Investigative Services) compliant, meeting the government’s standard for security personnel.  Armed with a superior knowledge of all aspects of the security business, our team is committed to providing the best in security services. 

Our Core Beliefs and Values
We constantly strive to achieve excellence in the security services we provide to our clients.

We hold ourselves accountable for maintaining the highest level of integrity and will perform to the highest ethical standards and with the highest professional demeanor at all times.

Continuous improvement
We maintain our high standards in security services though self-imposed advanced training.

We offer excellent benefits and total participation to a diverse work force.  We are an equal opportunity employer.
Our Focus
SSA focuses on America’s airports, harbors, major hospitals, educational institutions, utilities and government facilities needing protection and secure working environments.  We work closely with local, state and federal agencies to share in the responsibility for safeguarding these vital industries.

Our Services

SSA provides an elite staff of certified security officers who are a cut-above the industry standard.  They are physically fit and have been trained in the areas of business acumen, client information confidentiality, emergency response, restrained use of force, first-aid and CPR.  We offer a wide range of professional security services, including foot and mobile patrol, client employee safety and security training seminars.

Armed and Un-armed Security Officers
SSA provides professional security for a client’s facilities including the surrounding perimeter. Professional security officers will maintain constant patrol of the property to guard against theft and unlawful trespassing.  We provide our clients with expertly trained reception officers who play an important role in projecting a professional image as the first point of contact to those visiting our customers’ facility.

Experts in crowd control
We provide expert security officers specially trained to manage large gatherings and secure major events, assisting with crowd control and directing traffic.  We post a security officer at every point of entry to the facility and at every exit. 

Specialists in Loss Prevention
SSA provides security officers trained in loss prevention, theft and robbery to safeguard our clients’ property. 

Integrated Services
Our "Central Operations Call Center" is state of the art.  The latest technology in communications systems is linked with a dispatching and supervision monitoring procedures.  We use this system to track calls, requests, complaints and suggestions.  Our management philosophy is to run all security services through one central call center to manage the reporting process and to ensure the consistent application of our policies and procedures.

Markets Served
We service small to large airports and harbors, major hospitals and clinics, major colleges and universities, private and public schools, religious organizations, local, state and federal government facilities, critical infrastructure utilities, large gaming and hospitality accounts, major manufacturing and retail shopping centers, railroads and trucking.

Security Consulting

Value-Added Security Solutions
SSA provides cost-effective consulting services across the U.S.  We apply our best industry practices to each consulting project to guarantee delivery of a value-added security recommendation to our clients.  Our experience with and the perspective gained from law enforcement and military intelligence affords you with the security and safety guidance required in today's business environment.

Information Systems Security Auditing

SSA provides information systems audits to our clients and to the Healthcare industry along with the associated support systems to ensure compliance to corporate security standards, "Best Practices" for security and HIPAA compliance initiatives.  We deliver a detailed analysis of cost effective security measures to our clients using detailed systems penetration testing, vulnerability assessments and implementation assessments, recommending which services should be implemented to comply with federal regulations.

Employee Drug Testing

We assist our clients with hiring and maintaining the best possible personnel by providing on-site drug testing services to ensure a drug-free work force.

Best Tools and Equipment
All of our security patrol vehicles are marked and equipped with a digital camera, emergency road service kit, first aid kit, and fire extinguisher.      

Call SSA today to start changing how you look at security and safety within your organization.   We want to be your security solutions partner.

Toll Free at 1-888-564-0005

The Earth is Good. Go Green!

Support Services of America is serious about the environment.  We have dedicated ourselves to researching, sourcing and using environmentally friendly products in our customers’ facilities as well as our own. There are plenty of natural products and methods available that will keep a facility clean and fresh smelling without any toxic side effects.

At SSA, our commitment to using products with a conscience fits in perfectly with our desire to have a positive impact on everything that surrounds us.
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