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SSA recognizes that world-class performance requires world-class people.  For this reason, we have implemented a comprehensive Human Resource Management Program.
  • We are commited to recruiting, retaining and rewarding exemplary contract service worker performance. 
  • High performing employees in the areas of quality, productivity and customer service are eligible for employee recognition awards and employee incentive payments and stipends.
In addition, SSA’s Training Program enables employees to attain the highest performance levels in the industry:
  • All service workers are taught the latest technical cleaning techniques, equipment operation, chemical utilization, safety/OSHA, contract SOW requirements, and daily cleaning requirements. 
  • Periodic refresher training enables Team SSA Associates to handle all changes in contract requirements, safety/OSHA, and to gain additional critical training and skills requirements.
Of the utmost importance to SSA is our commitment to Employee Safety as demonstrated by our company's comprehensive approach to an injury-free workplace:
  • SSA’s Safety Program ensures the safety of all Team SSA Associates and our client environments by pre-auditing new contract sites and continuously monitoring existing locations.
  • We conduct on-going employee training to ensure that Associates are up to date on the newest safety standards and processes necessary to maintain a safe work environment.
  • SSA includes advanced industry and site-specific training for services performed near flight lines in defense/aerospace environments, in heavy equipment/manufacturing environments, and other customer environments requiring the highest emphasis on safe operations.

The Earth is Good. Go Green!

Support Services of America is serious about the environment.  We have dedicated ourselves to researching, sourcing and using environmentally friendly products in our customers’ facilities as well as our own. There are plenty of natural products and methods available that will keep a facility clean and fresh smelling without any toxic side effects.

At SSA, our commitment to using products with a conscience fits in perfectly with our desire to have a positive impact on everything that surrounds us.
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