At SSA, we understand that pricing is a major consideration for our companies when selecting the right facilities maintenance partner. However, we believe that our job goes far beyond competitive pricing. We strive to deliver the best value possible for each and every dollar.

We deliver this value this in a number of innovative ways.
  • Customer Centric - SSA is a customer service organization first and foremost. Everything we do is in support of our customers’ needs. At SSA, we are proud of our stellar customer satisfaction track record, built over years of service and commitment to our current customer base. We pledge to you this same world-class level of service and satisfaction, achieved through a winning balance of price and performance.
  • Value-Engineering - As your facilities maintenance partner, SSA continuously explores ways to improve the efficiency and outcome of every maintenance program. We conduct regular site audits to assess, evaluate and propose the best facilities maintenance program for our customers, including level of service and optimal schedules. Our goal is to achieve no less the highest possible cost-efficiency while enhancing quality and delivering the optimum customer service and satisfaction.

Technology Utilization

SSA is committed to utilizing the latest technology to improve outcomes in all its operations and contracts fulfillment.
  • We utilize automated quality control (SSAQuality) and automated routing/scheduling/hour tracking software (SSARoute) to track quality, productivity and to schedule services.
  • We utilize web-based contract portals to house all KPI information for our customer contracts.
  • We utilize CRM and ERP software to track customer service and 1.800 call center activity and to track all costing, price metrics and performance on SSA contracts.
  • Our CRM/ERP system processes all work orders through to invoicing for all services rendered.
  • Our work order system tracks daily completion of tasks and tracks completion of non-daily, periodic and/or special request projects such as floor care work, carpet care and window cleaning.
  • Customization of work order invoicing processing to meet our customers' needs.


SSA is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of quality control and is a leader in QC systems utilization and training:
  • Quality control system (SSAQuality) provides random inspection surveys, data collection and documentation, trend analysis based on data collected, documentation of corrective actions taken and documentation of the systemic and root causes identified.
  • Systemic/root causes identified within procedures and/or a particular performance anomaly of a particular worker can be addressed through modification of procedures and/or remedial action and training by site management for a particular worker, crew and/or the entire staff depending upon the extent of the quality issue.
  • Continuous quality improvement process involving the utilization of established procedures, on-going training, review of reports and logs, management reviews, trend analysis, maintenance of audit trails, and customer feedback to determine if the project is on track and meeting established standards; also update quality control standards and procedures to achieve improved operations.
  • SSA’s training program is an integral part of our Total Quality Management (TQM) philosophy and proactively builds quality into all facets of the company and contract operations. TQM quality training results in quality personnel, providing our work force with the tools, equipment, supplies and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

Green Cleaning/LEED

A major initiative of SSA today and into the future is Green Cleaning and Sustainable Development. Through the efforts of our Sustainability Officer, Dr. Miguel Moreno, SSA has obtained the prestigious LEED certification and is certified Green by the U.S. Green Building Council, making us the ideal vendor selection for Green-targeted partnership opportunities.
  • SSA supports those of our clients applying for LEED certification as well as those that have already achieved LEED certification by providing all required green products and janitorial services in compliance with Sustainable Guidelines as required by the LEED standards of our clients’ facilities.
  • Key to our Green Initiative is Dr. Miguel Angel Moreno, SSA’s Chief Sustainability Officer. Dr. Moreno is the recipient of the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Professional Certification, a major achievement for individuals involved in green building construction certification processes and related technologies.

The Earth is Good. Go Green!

Support Services of America is serious about the environment.  We have dedicated ourselves to researching, sourcing and using environmentally friendly products in our customers’ facilities as well as our own. There are plenty of natural products and methods available that will keep a facility clean and fresh smelling without any toxic side effects.

At SSA, our commitment to using products with a conscience fits in perfectly with our desire to have a positive impact on everything that surrounds us.
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